Writing Samples


Perinote Organizer Company Blog

Once a month, branded, blog post to promote the app and engage users. Clara ran the blog from April 2o16 - March 2017.

Vampire Collage.jpg

Animal Spouses: Beastly Husbands and Monstrous Wives

Exploration of fairy tale archetypes. Originally published on Transmundane Press blog, October, 2016.  


Twitter Q+A Session with Baron Von Count

A live, in-character, "ask me anything" style Q+A session on the Magic: The Gathering twitter as a preview for a new card. 

Feminist Shark.jpg

How Society Conspires Against the Feminine

The first in a three-part series Clara wrote on the effect of sexism on intimacy. Originally published on Love(r), August, 2015.


How to Make an Ixalan-Themed Halloween Party!

A how-to "listicle" with high-resolution pictures. Clara assisted in creating the treats and wrote the copy for this fun social post. 

Captivating Crew

Flash fiction for the Magic: The Gathering card set Ixalan.