Guest Post on Transmundane Press Blog

Happy Halloween! 

I have some seasonally appropriate news regarding a guest post I wrote for the Transmundane Press blog. It's full of spooky things like fairy tale beasts, monsters, animal spouses and gender politics! 

As you might remember, Transmundane Press is the independent press that will be publishing my short story, Beauty and Her Prince, in their forthcoming anthology, After Happily Ever After. The anthology is slated for release in December, and if you're interested in supporting the project please check out the Kickstarter.   

When deliberating on what to write for this blog post, I settled on a commonly reoccurring fairy tale archetype, that of the animal spouse. First, because my short story is a retelling of the most famous fairy tale featuring an animal spouse in the western world (Beauty and the Beast). Secondly, because I find these tales fascinating for what they reveal about our cultural beliefs and anxieties regarding sex, intimacy and the gendered roles we are pressured to play out in relationships, especially when it comes to the institution of marriage. 

If that sort of thing sounds fascinating to you too, read the whole thing here.